Sunday, March 16, 2008

Way to Play, Caps!

The Eastern Conference playoff race is crazy!

It's been great to see the Caps bounce back from last weekend's disappointing outcomes, playing great hockey all week and picking up six hard-earned points. Great perseverance!

This week's thoughts:

* I still don't know how Boston has won as many games as they have. I still think they won't make the playoffs, even though they're currently tied for 6th in the conference.

* Flying under the radar, Florida's got a real great chance at making the playoffs w/ an exceptional finish.

* Seriously, though, how is Boston doing so well??

* Quintin Laing is the Caps' nominee for the Masterson Trophy this year, and deservingly so. I'm pretty sure he'd block a shot with his face if presented with the opportunity.

Nine more games to go! Two points out of 8th! Five points out of 3rd! Let's go Caps!


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I'm a Bruins fan (Caps are my second favorite), and I don't even know what they're doing. I was at the Monday night game on the 3rd and I was wearing my Thomas jersey. Way embarrassing at the Verizon center. The crazy Caps fan nearly ate me alive in their excitement, it's hard to explain that I was happy for the Caps as well. Should have worn my Ovechkin jersey, seriously.