Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend, and I've already seen dozens of motorcycles making their way for DC. I imagine I'll only see more and more as the weekend continues. I was just watching some videos in the spirit of the weekend, and thought I'd share. I'm thankful for those who fought to create and defend a place where folks have the freedom to be what they want to be and do what they want to do. How fortunate!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Allergic to wi-fi??

Is that even possible? Perhaps these people should call Hyde, Price and Scharks...

Great new video

Here's a great new music video by Weezer, starring a lot of your favorite YouTube friends. How great!

Monday, May 19, 2008

ACM Awards

The ACM put on a great awards show last night. A bunch of great performances. A little bit of everything, too. I hope you caught it. Here's a clip of one of my favorite performances of the night, sung as a tribute to Eddy Arnold (country music legend who recently passed away):

All-Star Race

Pretty boring, right? I'm not sure what the right formula is for that race. Oh well, hopefully the Coca-Cola 600 is more captivating...and doesn't take 13 hours...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Terribly Sad...or Happy...

"A man has to stand for something." Talk about character. I can't tell if this story is more happy than sad, or vice versa. It's certainly thought-provoking.

Rubbin's Racin'?

Did Kyle Busch wreak Dale Jr. at Richmond? Or was that just the product of close racing (and/or old tires?). I'm not sure we'll ever know! Here's the video if you missed it.

The Terrorists Have Lost...

So last week, I caught a baseball game at the new Nationals Park in DC. My father was going with a friend, and I tagged along. It was my first visit to the new park. It seemed pretty nice.

As we entered the stadium, the stadium staff were handing out "bobbleheads." Not being someone who enjoys carrying things around, I passed on the bobblehead. However, I noticed that dozens upon dozens of yellow-clad event security staffers were monitoring the bobblehead-dispersing process. If anyone hesitated about taking a bobblehead, a member of the security staff (some appearing more tactful than others...) would inform them they couldn't take one, or take them out of their hands saying "you can't take bobbleheads once you pass this side of the table!"

Watching this unfold, I realized: the terrorists have lost.

If a terrorist threat truly existed on the stadium, would the ballpark have dozens of security staffers governing the bobblehead table? I'm no counter-terrorism expert, but I doubt it. Anyway, I took some comfort in this scene, and thought I would share. God bless America!

Politics of Preschool

One of the featured videos on YouTube today, and deservedly so. It's great!