Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend, and I've already seen dozens of motorcycles making their way for DC. I imagine I'll only see more and more as the weekend continues. I was just watching some videos in the spirit of the weekend, and thought I'd share. I'm thankful for those who fought to create and defend a place where folks have the freedom to be what they want to be and do what they want to do. How fortunate!


Laila Celeste said...


Today, 25 of May, is also a Patriotic Day for Argentina, we remember the "Revolution" of 1810 that puts the basis of the Free Republic here. Many battles had been fought after that bt we still stand still as an independent country. I am proud also of those who sacrifice themselves in order for us to enjoy Freedom, athow it is sad to know that wherever there are winners there are also losers, and is a solid truth that the ones who win are the ones who write the story....

Can't say much about your "American Spirit" cos I disagree in many topics with that, but I understand it ans accept the differences.

Nice to see a serious side of Remy!

Take Good Care my friend,

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----------> Al Majnoonah Gidaaannaahh!!
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Anonymous said...

Hey Remy, you haven't been posting any youtube videos lately. My bro and I wants to know why...
We've been watching your vids a lot lately.. My bro LOVES frenchy with the headset..xD

Take care Remy!!!

Anonymous said...

My twin boys and I love you, Remy. I just saw 2 videos I hadn't seen b4, and (as always) was blown away. One was "The Man In Black" doing his tribute to America. The other was your hilarious words to Garth Brooks' song...not sure of the title..."And The Thunder Rolls"(?). You are so talented.