Monday, May 5, 2008

The Terrorists Have Lost...

So last week, I caught a baseball game at the new Nationals Park in DC. My father was going with a friend, and I tagged along. It was my first visit to the new park. It seemed pretty nice.

As we entered the stadium, the stadium staff were handing out "bobbleheads." Not being someone who enjoys carrying things around, I passed on the bobblehead. However, I noticed that dozens upon dozens of yellow-clad event security staffers were monitoring the bobblehead-dispersing process. If anyone hesitated about taking a bobblehead, a member of the security staff (some appearing more tactful than others...) would inform them they couldn't take one, or take them out of their hands saying "you can't take bobbleheads once you pass this side of the table!"

Watching this unfold, I realized: the terrorists have lost.

If a terrorist threat truly existed on the stadium, would the ballpark have dozens of security staffers governing the bobblehead table? I'm no counter-terrorism expert, but I doubt it. Anyway, I took some comfort in this scene, and thought I would share. God bless America!

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