Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brickyard 400

More like Brick-YAWN 400! HEY-OH!!!

I was very excited to watch the Brickyard 400, but what a terrible show. It was kind of interesting to see the different strategies teams used in the unchartered waters of repeated competition cautions in a way--but I would hardly even call it a race.

I wish they went back to the old cars. These COT ("car of tomorrow") races aren't nearly as captivating, for the most part.

The Brickyard 400 is one of the biggest races of the season, and it was turned into a glorified tire-testing session by the COT.

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Buck V said...

yout got that right.

i was there. had a very cool tour pre-race thru the garages and visiting a few haulers.. after getting lucky with that nice hookup, the race unfortunately sucked as you mentioned.

over 50 laps out of 160 total run under caution flag. out of ~15 total Winston/Nextel/Sprint Cup races attended, that was by far the worst race i've ever seen.