Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friends' Blogs...

I recently began reading two new blogs, both of which I thought I'd share with you (and add to the roll on the right).

My friend BJ (who you may know from his co-starring roles in "Thunder Rolls: The Taco Bell Version" and "Washington Capitals: The Hockey Song") just started a funny blog about his daily dining experiences called "Lunch Abominations Made with Love." Here's the blog description from his site:

My dad bought a deli. He says business is good. He brings me lunch almost every day. What he brings is questionable at best. Here I will document some of the best culinary disasters. Sometimes they go straight into the trash, sometimes I pick at them, sometimes I eat them out of pity. I don't have the heart to tell him.

Check it out here:

The other blog is a hilariously well-written glimpse into the life of a new mom. I heard about it and went to check out the latest entry--I ended up reading the entire archive. Here it is:

Just 4 Mom

Hope you enjoy them!