Sunday, April 6, 2008

Don't Stop Believin'!


The Capitals were faced with increasingly unlikely scenarios throughout the season, but ultimately proved that hard work and believing in yourself pays off in the end. They now, deservingly, find themselves in the NHL playoffs as DIVISION CHAMPIONS!

Prior to yesterday's game, I was blasting Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" over and over. Don't laugh!!

I can't even count how many articles I read over the course of the season discrediting the Capitals' chances. "Power Rankings" throughout the season--even down the stretch--wouldn't even include the Capitals in the top 15! And, my personal favorite, those commentators who claimed that "if the Capitals' record isn't good enough to qualify for the playoffs, Alex Ovechkin shouldn't be MVP." The Caps were going to end 5 games out of first place in the conference at the end of the season (regardless of if they made the playoffs or not) after starting the season 6-14-1 and firing their head coach. They made the run under the effective guidance of Bruce Boudreau, a great team effort, including the exceptional play of Ovechkin.

I'll see you at Verizon Center! LET'S GO CAPS!!!

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