Saturday, April 12, 2008


Don't Stop Believin'!!

What a great atmosphere for the Caps' first playoff game in five years! I was always a big fan of the "White-Out," where all the Caps fans would wear white, but I think I may have been converted to a proponent of the "Red-Out" after tonight.

My entire section spent most of the third period on their feet--jumping, yelling and cheering on the Caps! What a great comeback effort! Hopefully the rest of the series will look like that third period.

Man...down 2-4 in the third period and winning 5-4...BELIEVE!


tyler harper said...

your videos are awesome... but sorry dude. im a flyers fan.
go flyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the flyers will take it in 5 or 6. try looking at all the ORANGE in the stands at the wachovia center.
thats dedication right there.

p.s if u want to trash talk back, im a friend of yours on myspace. my name is tyler harper.

Anonymous said...

Tyler ur crazy caps rock mucho granda better

Anonymous said...

Hi REMY! Im Abeer from Dubai. You have lots of fans down here. I really enjoy your videos! Keep 'em comin'!