Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WHAT!?! Does this make any sense in the world???

Government officials take custody of a man's son...for what?? Three cheers for bureaucracy.

When I was younger (maybe 11 or 12), I used to like "Mystic" fruit drink, which came in a bottle. On a road trip, my mom went and bought what she thought was Mystic fruit drink (similar bottle and color). After having some, and reading the label, I realized it was an alcoholic cooler. So she told me to stop drinking it and I did. The situation worked out and--while it must be difficult for Michigan Child Services to comprehend--nobody had to be taken into custody!

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Anonymous said...

the kid shouldn't have been taken into custody. The father probably will be even more careful about these things now, and it's not like he would intentionally give alcohol to his son. The son is being hurt, not helped by being taken away.